I think synonyms DOC I THINKsynonyms and related phrases In my opinion In my view From my point of view From where I’m standing As far as I’m concerned As I see it The way I see it To my mind It seems to me (that) It may seem (that) Some (people) say (that) I’d say that / I would say that Well, I must say If I may say so
Exulting means to celebrate with great energy or enthusiasm. I know this because they are also ringing bells and later in the poem it says they are crowded together waiting with wreaths and bouquets. The people standing at the port are exulting (their eyes are following the ship (line 4)), so they can’t be on it.
I think personally I believe in my opinion in my view to my mind as I see it for my money in my book in my estimation if you ask me to my way of thinking from my standpoint as far as I'm
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